Industry Experts Launch New Remote Staffing Service

Industry Experts Launch New Remote Staffing Service

We are proud to announce that Robyn Goldenberg, Chris Przybylski, and Joe Guinn have partnered to launch a remote staffing agency, Find Staff.  The goal of this venture is to provide easy access to international staff during a time most people are struggling to hire.

“We’ve used remote employees for years.  For our model, having an office just never made sense,” says Chris Przybylski.  “Over the years we’ve had staff all around the world.  It’s really allowed us to stay competitive while recruiting top talent.”

Chris Przybylski

How remote staffing works with Find Staff

Find Staff crafts job ads in international markets based upon your specific needs.  Common remote positions include dispatch, reservations, customer service and other administrative work.

Once suitable candidates are found, we schedule interviews with your team to determine the best fit.  Then we handle all of the proper international hiring paperwork, payroll, taxes, and benefits to ensure compliance with not only US Regulations but international regulations as well.

Once hired, Find Staff provides the new employee with the necessary equipment, and new employees train with and become part of your team.

“We have been employing remote employees for years, and saw a huge uptick in the need for remote workers for small businesses during the height of the pandemic. The decision to close our physical office really opened our eyes to the talent available both nationally and internationally,” says Goldenberg. “We have staff members across the United States, and the world. They have been a huge asset to our growth and development.”

Robyn Goldenberg

Find Staff Pricing

Pricing varies based on a wide variety of factors, such as the country of origin and the experience of the candidate, but in general most administrative employees cost $10/hr all-inclusive.

The Find Staff Difference

Find Staff’s core mission is PEOPLE FIRST.  This mentality means we pay more, bill less, and support our workers more than the typical agency.  By treating people the best, we get the best people, it’s that simple.

Interested in learning more?

Please direct questions to Chris Przybylski at 480-684-8080 or [email protected].

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