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At Find Staff, we redefine the boundaries of workforce capabilities. As a dedicated employer of record, we bridge the gap between talented professionals worldwide and businesses seeking exceptional talent. Our expertise lies in staffing and creating global connections that drive success.

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Sourcing Top English-Speaking Talent

At Find Staff, we specialize in sourcing multilingual applicants, most fluent in 2-3 languages. Our recruitment process attracts a diverse pool of high-quality candidates, each undergoing stringent selection, including language proficiency tests.

Highly Educated Global Professionals for Your Business

Our candidates typically hold a bachelor's or master's degree, even for entry-level roles. Our sourcing strategy ensures you get multilingual professionals with a high education level who are perfectly aligned with your staffing requirements, enriching your business with global talent.

What We Provide

Roles We Excel In

Customer Service Experts

We ensure your clients always receive friendly and efficient service.

Logistics Professionals

Optimizing your processes with their problem-solving skills.

Experienced Dispatchers

Ensuring your operations run smoothly and effectively.

Tech-Savvy E-commerce Specialists

Helping you navigate the digital marketplace with ease.

Sales and Marketing Staff

Driving your business growth with their persuasive skills and strategic insights.

Bookkeeping and Compliance Advisors

Ensuring your business adheres to all relevant regulations and maintains impeccable financial records.

Legal Aids

Providing invaluable support to your legal team, from research to documentation.

Administrative Assistants

Keeping your operations smooth and organized.


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By delivering on our staffing agency’s promises, we’ve cultivated many successful partnerships with excellent people.

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F. A. Q

Frequently Asked Questions

The timeline can vary depending on the specific requirements and the roles being filled. Generally, we aim to present candidates within 2 weeks.

At Find Staff, we specialize in offering full-time, 40-hour-per-week positions. This approach allows us to source the best-qualified candidates who are fully committed to long-term engagement with our clients. We believe this dedication to full-time roles leads to more stable and productive working relationships, which is a key part of our service offering.
We strive for the perfect match, but if there are any concerns, we provide support to address these issues, including finding replacement candidates if necessary.
We cover a wide range of industries and roles. If you have specific needs, please contact us to discuss how we can assist.
As your employer of record, we manage all legal and compliance aspects, ensuring adherence to local and international employment laws.
Focusing on full-time roles allows us to source candidates who are fully committed and invested in your projects and long-term goals, leading to higher performance and stability.
Our vetting process is tailored to assess not only the skills but also the dedication and compatibility of candidates for long-term, full-time positions.

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