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Q: What’s missing from US recruitment?
A: Us

Your next hire may seem a world away

Over the past few years, the labor market has become much bigger. Remote work has become a mainstream approach to employment, as supported by new software packages like Hubstaff and Slack. If your business operates in customer service, administration, software, or any of our other specialized industries, remote workers are a massive and untapped resource.

But we can bring them to you

Find Staff have been recruiting and screening international talent for the benefit of US businesses. We’ve worked in compliance with local and international labor laws to create a fair and ethical hiring process. Subsequently, the price point, quality, and speed of hiring an international, remotely-working employee has never been so attractive.

Take advantage of our proven process

We support you in every part of your recruitment drive, from an initial job description to job searching and advertising, all the way through to screening and onboarding. When you want to find an international employee that will get the job done, Find Staff are the specialist service for you. Engage us today to receive a recruitment service tailored to your needs.

Remote work; close connections

Find Staff brings a global remote workforce to U.S. based companies. We only staff full time permanent positions. This allows us to recruit for highly qualified and motivated employees across the world, and deliver dedicated employees to our clients week after week.

Our hiring process


After submitting a vacancy or getting in touch with us, our staffing specialists will work with you to understand the exact needs of your business. Whether you already have a job description prepared or need help crafting one, we’ll guide you through this and all steps of the process.


Then, after finalizing the specific needs of your business, we’ll reach out to our pool of candidates and advertise through the top job boards. We’ll refine the candidates into a small list of ideal remote hires for you to select from.


Now that a shortlist has been created, we’ll coordinate with your team to organize interview times that work for you. Then, you’ll be able to select your ideal candidate from the interviewees.


We’ll handle the final hiring paperwork, and get your new team member prepared for their position. We understand the urgency of many business’ hiring drives, so this paperwork will never be a cause for delay.

Look beyond the horizon and find your perfect opportunity.

We service the needs of candidates and clients. Get started with us today.