Step 1: Tell Us What Kind of Remote Staff You Need

Connect with one of our remote staffing specialists today. We’ll work with you to understand the remote staff roles, shifts, and duties that you’re looking to employ for your business. Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact job description. Our staffing specialists can help you craft the right job or jobs to fit your company’s needs. The Find Staff team can help determine the right level of compensation for the job you are looking for fill.

Step 2: We Find the Remote Staff

Our team will scour the globe to find the best employee candidates that fit your job description, the position, and your hiring budget. We’ll do the initial screening to make sure you’re only seeing the top talent pool for your job. Next we’ll compile a group of ideal remote staff candidates that could be a good fit for your company. After that, we’ll coordinate time for you to interview the the candidates, and see your hiring options. Finally, if you like any of the candidates, it’s time to select and hire your new team member.

Step 3: Your Remote Staffing Pains Are History

There’s no need to worry about employee hiring paperwork. Once you select your final candidate, or candidates, our team will jump in to complete all the necessary paperwork required for them to begin work. The hiring paperwork and payroll set up process that typically stalls most hiring is a thing of the past. We’ll handle everything related to hiring and onboarding remote employees. Find Staff will ensure that everything is legal and compliant. The final step is to welcome your new employee to the team. They will train with your staff and become an integral part of your growing business.

Pricing For Remote Staffing

The Find Staff pricing varies based on the position and experience, but generally our prices start as low as $10/hr. We find that the best employees, regardless of where they live are full time employees. Our pricing is billed in monthly increments, and includes all of the sick time, vacation time, taxes, benefits, and more. We make sure that your new employees are being paid in compliance with local / federal laws.

Is It Really That Easy to Hire Remote Employees from Around the World?

Yes, we make it easy for you – as a business owner or manager, you have enough on your plate. You pay one monthly fee to Find Staff. We handle sick days, vacations days, taxes, benefits, equipment and any other costs that will come your way while running a business! You have enough on your plate, hiring and onboarding remote staff doesn’t need to be one of them.

Need more remote staff? Just let us know.